Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7 months

Holy cow time has gone by so fast!!!!! my big baby is now a big boy! Someone asked me the other day when does he turn a year.....well he has 5 more months so awhile :) he is 20.14Lb he is wearing 12-18 months clothes!!!!! 
*he has defiantly found his voice he bables all the time 
*he knows his name (for a while, i wasn't sure if he knew, but like his father its selective hearing :)) 
*he does a weird army crawl, he goes on his side and scooches and rolls everywhere
*he knows who friends and family are
*loves our dog Sedona...if he ever is in a bad mood or crying we call sedona over and immediatly stops and laughs and wants to grab her
*he finally got his first tooth
*first foods were avocado
*he now reaches for who he wants...like at church when he is sick of me or jon he will reach for the other one
*he can pull himself up with out help and stand there for along time 
first Iowa State Fair

first avocodo

not so sure about it :)

yup im wearing a tie like my daddy
im such a big boy
i love my mommy

father like son




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  1. He's getting so big! I hate that I can't see him more often!