Monday, January 21, 2013

kitchen remodel, dinning room, & bathroom

just a reminder of what our ugly kitchen looked like 

ugly carpet 

there was a wall shared by the kitchen and dinning room
ugly green lights/ ugly curtains

green cupboards to match the lights
wall diapering

wall gone

wall gone and you can see they completely started over 

 our kitchen, bathroom and dinning room aren't finished yet
kitchen still needs all the upper cupboards, the dinning room ceiling need's to be redone and the shower tile needs to be done someday they will be finished but for now everything is live able :) 

yes these are all very tall cupboards perfect for the 2 tall owners :) and their huge children :) this is our dishwasher up high too...I LOVE IT we don't have to bend over to fill it and Titus can't stand on it any more :)
we were going to do cement counter tops but we priced it and it was  a little out of our  price range so jon made these counter tops instead and i think they are Beautiful this is where the wall use to be
this is looking from the dinning room into the kitchen, the bar height counters makes it nice for guests to sit up to counter with bar stools now! 

new sink counter top  (since the other one broke with all the moves) new floor
this is the new AMAZING table that Jon, my dad, & Mikey made for us. Jon & I made a deal that he wouldn't make a new table until i sold our other one :) witch ment they had a week to make the table and bentchs!!! they are so awesome!
side view of the intricate detail work they did !!!!

this is our new cupboards these we put in when my contractions were starting

the new flooring which was finished a couple of hours before we left for the hospital to have Ezekiel
new cupboards in bathroom since there were 0 cupboards before....the green wall in the shower will some day be tile (not green)

Also the kitchen, bathroom and dinning room are now all grey walls :) thats what happens when you buy to much paint......the sad part is we have a lot more paint left :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potty learning

I guess we are now potty learning.....we arent really training him....he just say potty and we go sit on the toilet and sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesnt.
   My amazing husband actually started this whole potty learning, Ti said potty and jon took him (i just thought he wanted to play w/ the toilet, toilet paper, or just flush the toilet....i was going to be a good mom and ignore him) and after sitting a little bit he went pee! So he asks to go maybe 1a day & we arent pushing more. Then last night he asked to go so jon took him & he kept saying poopy poopy and then he went poop & pee!!!! Seriously i couldnt be prouder! I pray this continues so we have this out of the way before baby comes......I can wish cant I ;) in my dreams ;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Stressed......Not Me!

   It will be 11 weeks before we have this baby boy......and that means we have less then that to get the kitchen finished, Titus's big boy room done, finish making meals to freeze, sort through all of Titus's old clothes.......that can all get done before the baby comes...RIGHT?!?!?! and all of this happens while living our normal life and running our own businesses! Are we crazy.....YES YES we are!
    Also to add to the stress I had to change my hours i work at the salon because we can't find a nanny at all! We tried everything! i paid money for a nanny service, i posted the job on there and emailed 20 people on there, i posted on ISU student job board and emailed everyone I would think i would at least get one person! NOPE! So after talking to a friend and Jon, God made it very clear that im suppose to change my hours to work with our original nanny that has been Titus's nanny since he was 6 weeks old. So I pray that i don't loose clients because of this change! It will be a nice change for our family though. Its funny that this whole time i've been thinking God wanted me to TRUST in a different way, He wanted me to TRUST him with my finances & whats best for our family.  Its funny when you pray about something with your mouth and not wait for a response or listen you can come up with a lot of different what you THINK he is telling you! Thats why im so glad i have an amazing husband friends, and church who remind me to LISTEN! 
         So prayers for my sanity would be awesome! :)  

Friday, July 27, 2012

the parent i thought i would be

Its interesting how you change as your family changes. If you would have asked me what kind of a parent/ wife would you be.......i don't think i would have said what i do now :) Im a very controlled structured person....but Titus and Jon have changed me some (i still have those qualitys....if you call then that)

*we do have a schedule but I try and let Titus change it especially if hes in a bad mood.

*Titus doesn't wear shoes....his feet are made of steel i swear :) I use to judge people that didn't put shoes on their kids

*Titus eats food off the floor....and yes licks his spilled water on the floor (this is only in places i know arent extremely gross :) I mean grosser then our dog....Titus thinks he should eat her too (i think thats how he kisses her...but gross either way) but i let him

*we play when i should be cleaning something (this was and still is hard...i have to remind myself is that needed to be done before he goes to bed)

*he is thee messiest eater (i would have never thought i would have let this happen) but the cool thing now is that he loves to use his fork, its still messy but not as messy.......i just except that either Sedona will clean up the mess or titus will eat it later :)

*no tv while Titus is awake (unless im cooking dinner....which stresses me out anyways or Titus is in a bad mood) he does watch "Baby signing time" -but i use to have the t.v. on ALL the time even if i wasn't watching it. 

*eating vegetables.....we try and eat what Titus eats......i use to never ever eat was processed, canned, frozen or from a boxed and now we have a garden the size of a football field. 

*cooking.....Yay! i finally can cook.....well follow directions is what i mean by cook.....but im not going to lie Jon has to help me a lot! what an amazing husband!!! he takes my frantic calls way to much!

*messy play.....if it keeps Titus entertained ...I dont care how long it take me to clean up :) 

*i don't care what other people say (this is what really shocks me) there have been a lot of comments from people about you shouldn't do that or Titus can't have that or he shouldn't still be doing that.......well if you were his parents then you can decide, but your not so keep your mouth shut :) cuz i don't care! If it makes our life easier and less stressful then thats probably why we do it :)

*clean really working on not having it perfect for when friends come over. Jon says we don't need to make it look like we don't live here! 

Sorry for all the rambling but if you made it to the end can you pray that i TRUST for a nanny! Im having a hard time processing the difference between not doing anything and doing to much and not Trusting. I have placed ads on and ISU student job board and emailed everyone that i can think of and even now i need to work on the Trust part....LET GO and LET GOD! its so easy to say then do.....Prayers to keep me from freaking out and take control even more! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Photo Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

Shutterfly baby photo books are the perfect way to preserve your baby's precious moments.

Monday, June 4, 2012

kitchen remodeling ? GUTTING!

kitchen remodel  gutting,  Jon started this big  HUGE project memorial day weekend.  I stated that i don't think i can go longer then 2 weeks without a kitchen...Jons response "we will see", Lets say i have made it with a lot of paper and plastic and washing bottles and dishes in the bathroom sink......i did have to break down and use the tub (which really grossed me out but i bleached it and scrubbed it very well). I have not had any melt downs yet :) and we have been grilling on Jons Big Green Egg (pizza on there is AMAZING), using a camping stove, microwave and our toaster oven for all our meals. we didn't have power in half our house for about a week (flash lights and candles are amazing )
Mikey and Jon moving everything in the kitchen to the dinning room and living room (im glad that we have a pretty large living room!!) 

 good bye ugly everything!!!

yes this is a sewer stack going through out old kitchen and the previous owner sewed that material around it :)

good bye ugly green and ugly carpet

 good bye wall!

no more wall

no more floor!
they did all new plumbing and electrical. hopefully this next week they will be replacing the window behind Jon in this picture with the exact window thats by our dads in the picture (we bought these windows at REALLY discount a couple of years ago). after that im not sure whats next maybe drywall :) 
we wont have the whole kitchen done for awhile cuz we decide that minimal and live able until stuff is on sale :) since we dont use credit cards we try and stay with in our miens :) 
So that means Jon is going to do concrete counter tops  (i have never herd of before but Jon really wanted it so i did my research and i actually LOVED what i found) and my dad has made 2 cupboards and the large cupboard that will be our island (i have been trading my dad haircuts for cupboards...its just only taken me 3 years to pay for most of them :)) and new lighting is all we will do right now.
we probably wont have all the cupboards for awhile cuz we arent sure where we want them all yet. We wont have tile down either......i would love to at least paint the walls and have curtains up to distract you away from the unfinished stuff  :) we will see :)  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

freak out!

  disclaimer.......Im so excited to have 2 babys! Im so excited to find out what we are having (2 weeks)! Jon and i would love to have more children if its what God is wanting for us, since apparently my OB made it very clear that she was shocked that i got pregnant because i only have one ovary (i had one removed when a cyst the size of a grapefruit wrapped around it and killed it) and all the scars from my surgery's after Titus was in all im very blessed!
  freak out = am i ready to have a girl, Titus has made it very clear that he loves to wrestle! How does a 16month old know how to wrestle?!?!?!? but if i have a boy am I ready for that much destruction? or girl drama? I already have all boy stuff....i know that if we have a girl we have a few months to hit consignment and garage sales :)

but titus amazes me all the time though......this is our friend Isaac and Titus wanted to hold him so he climbed right on the couch and just looked at me like ok im ready.....i thought he would just shove him off his lap after i put him there....but nope he just kept hugging him....SO CUTE then after a little bit he then shoved him off, but he held him WAY longer then i thought he would :)
   a name.....when i was pregnant with Titus i new before i had him i wanted his name to be Titus! right now we only have a girl name.....cuz Jon keeps knocking my boy names down.
   Titus has no clue that im pregnant cuz every time i say don't step on the baby or squish the baby....he looks around with his arms in the air like where is baby :)
   Titus is growing up so fast it seems like everyday he says a new word or a new sign......but he WILL NOT say any ones name except (dad, mom, papa,sedona, cats) he did say Audra and O (olivia) one time....but he just looks at you like i know thats grandma, Julia, mikey, danny,  jamie, matt, jenny why do i need to say thier names :) I keep trying to record him saying Loader (skid loader) because it is hilarious.....but i made the mistake of saying one day, thats Daddy's skid loader and thats Titus's skid now he just says daddys and Titus's :(
  The other day in a very serious face he was telling me something and just stared at me like your answer is?!! so cute he just kept babbling the same thing over and over again.....then he got annoyed that i didn't answer him the way he wanted (cuz i was laughing).
    Im so glad that we are learning signing because he tells us so much now....he does so many signs but now he is making his own so that makes it hard for grandparents to know exactly what he's saying sometimes since they dont see him everyday seeing him change some of them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life on the move

    My last blog was a little out of know how you just have those days where, if anyone says the wrong thing you have a melt down.....well mine was an EXPLOSION! Its crazy how your life is so much better when Titus sleeps thru the night (except now that hes teething again) and Jon helps out more with dishes and laundry.....its so funny how life is all good again!

   Titus is 14 months old and he is on the move!!! He is so crazy he will find anything to climb and any thing to push your buttons but he always does it in a cute way....sometimes i have to try really hard not to laugh when he does something wrong....i mean how funny is it that he hits grandma on the head with a large plastic hammer......yes i'm laughing as i'm typing this....or when he does something that hes never done before but its so wrong! Like climbing the book shelf....most moms would say "NO, Get down" but no i standing next to him taking pictures......but honestly i have found that if i tell him NO and move him away from the situation...he will go right back to it but if i let him do it once hes done doing it that day....technically he has only climbed the book shelf 2 times :) and that was a couple of weeks ago. 
I am loving every new moment and new silly thing he does!! He defiantly is a boy.....These are words i never thought i would say EVER: Titus we dont eat bugs, Titus stop eating dirt, Titus we dont play with dog poop (yes my son was playing with dog poop...there was nothing on his face or mouth so hopefully none made it in there!!!), Titus stop eating the dog, Titus the cats dont like to wrestle like Sedona does!....and the list goes on
He is such a good boy tho....we bought him a baby doll and he LOVES him....he hugs him all the time....i think its his lovey :) Jons not so sure about a baby doll being his lovey :) 
He is so smart, everyday he says a new word or new baby sign, its SO cute....but of coarse he wont ever repeat anything on demand! He doesn't like to show off :) or hes just stubborn like his mother!

 climbing everything eating dirt first soccer ball

helping dad in yard

best friend Silas (yes they are 4 weeks apart...i know Titus is huge!)hugging Mary (he loves giving hugs)
 climbing everything again
baby doll in the box still (giving him a kiss)
 climbing everything agin (yes he has climbed to the top and stood on the wire shelf!)

Friday, February 3, 2012


  how can you feel alone when you are surrounded by people? Do you ever feel like know one understands? Why is it that every time i try and cook it never turns out? Why do i get so over whelmed sometimes (it feels a lot more, then it use to)? Why when i want to share my feelings no one is around to listen? why is it that if you say something that makes me angry (during my period) i might punch you!? why is it that i can cry at the drop of a hat or if something really happy happens i want to cry? Why do compare myself to other moms? why can't i find time to work out or blog any more? My house is always a mess and their is always something to be done or cleaned but all i feel is tired and over worked! i feel like dishes and laundry are never ending!
   Does any one else feel this way?? i have such a hard time since my personality and temperament is organized, scheduled, controlled, and now i feel like its the opposite!
    How can you be a single parent....I can't be one!!! It's hard enough when Jon gets up for work before we do and comes home late and i try so hard to make this home look put together....but really how can that happen with a 1 year old who thinks he should climb and knock over everything! and a dog that brings dirt and gross dog smells in with her and thinks that Titus's was only born to play with her. and now we are cooking A LOT more now, so that means dishes seem to ALWAYS need to be cleaned! (have i mentioned that dishes are my hate to do!!!)
    Enough of the negative and onto the positive I have a ONE YEAR OLD!!!! Crazy!!!! He is so big!!! everyday is always something new, he says so many words (but never on command), he can say: Jesus, Sedona, Dad, Papa (grandpa), Ga (grandma), ni ni (night night),bye bye, Hi Dad, Sedona SIT (i don't say that, that offten?!), cat, dog, juwa (julia..our nanny), mom (very rare occasion). He loves to dance, make boy noises, spit, throw his chairs on the floor (yes throw!), loves books, love to cuddle, likes to put his finger on your lips to make that funny noise, does a lot of baby signs but when he gets really excited he combines all the baby signs into one until you give him what he wants :) so cute! He makes Thee most ridiculous faces (like his father), oh yeah have i mentioned he is ALL BOY.....he even will squeeze his orange pieces and make a mean boy noise while doing it or that he grunts when he is trying to squeeze between two things that are in his way! He still thinks that EVERYTHING goes in his mouth.
    PRAYERS, that i can get my thyroid tested soon, God leads Jon and i to figure out if we should adopt or keep waiting, that Titus stops growing up :) That i can keep growing my business (so please send your friends!) That i can keep having enough courage to cook and change our eating habits to better our health, and that Jon keeps having amazing job opportunity!
    what can i pray for you about? it seems that i do better with my prayer life if i am praying for someone else!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

some changes

    So some interesting new changes to redirect my family and God time.
Its interesting how my faith walk since i've been single has changed dramatically! Im embarrassed to admit but its True and im all about sharing the truth even if it makes me seem stupid or lame (i don't think people say lame any more but it what came to my head :))  When i was single i went to daily mass, i would pray through out my day, i would pray the rosary or divine mercy, i would go to adoration at least 2 times a week if not more,I was a religious ed teacher and i high school youth minister and i never watched t.v. i only watch D.V.D's (i kinda had a problem most women buy shoes and purses i bought D.V.D's) and friends took up all my time...........all that went down the crapper......what happened....i fell in love, had a baby, started my own business, and trying to be the best wife and mother as is GOD? well i kinda have been just getting by i go to church where i use to focus and pray the whole im trying to keep Titus from attacking who ever is around us and from screaming! I do bible study where i share in my problems and discuss but almost everyone in bible study is going thru their own problems to say "Hey did you pray today or show your son how to praise God in some way"
    I had an oooooo moment my friend R.A.P shared a secret i was complaining that i had to much to do and i don't like to do it when Titus is awake but his naps are so short....she told me "I find that if i sit and read my bible for the first 15 min I have a little more clarity on what needs to get done and peace about what doesn't get finished" so i found an app on my phone that has the bible and also the daily readings so i can feed Titus his bottle and read it and by the time im done he usually is to much of a multi tasker but i would be looking on facebook if i wasn't doing that :) I have found im a little more focused and that i can handle what is to come the rest of the day!
    another change Jon and i did some reading on children not watching t.v till they are older (2years) but im not going to go into this because some people disagree but the whole point why we don't want it is, more us not watching as much t.v. and having the Christian radio station on. If you think about it if your watching t.v. your not helping your child grow and communicate (i use to say im playing with him but really i kinda was) so we moved all of Titus's toys away from the t.v so that Jon and i are reminded that we need to focus more on Titus!
    Food has been slowly changing Jon and i are wanting to take out all processed food in our diets it has been a slow trek but we are doing it!!!! We have had a lot of people make comments about Titus's eating because we choose different route then most people......but if Jon and i want to take out all processed food then why would we give titus processed food? I know its going to be hard but this is what we as parents choose and hope everyone else that shares in babysitting will respect that!
     Can i say im a cook.....NOPE!....but im trying!!!! I make a recipe that had 21 ingrediense and way to many steps lets say i had many phone calls to Jon and almost yelling! but i did it and it actually tastes good! so tonight im making another recipe for bible study....we will see?!?!?!?!? it was alot easier to make tho!

Monday, November 14, 2011

adoption? Is this what God is calling us to?

  Jon and i went to an adoption meeting to learn about the different types of adoption and finances.  It is really reassuring that financially it seems possible (which was Jons most men).
  For those of you that don't know this about me i have always felt God calling me and my family to adoption at some point.  After Jon and i got married we were trying to get pregnant for almost a almost i mean i had an apt with an infertility Dr but the week before my apt i found out i was pregnant. But during that process i was looking into foster to adopt classes. At that time Jon didn't feel called to adoption (most men arent) but then got pregnant and was put on the back burner.
   which leads us to today.....what is God calling us to do? We feel financially, foster to adopt is our best choice right now and there is so much need for homes right now for children in our own states. So the other day someone placed a thought in my heart about a child with HIV....i know at some point God is wanting us to have a child with special needs just not sure what or when. I brought it up to Jon thinking he would freak out on me and say stuff like how can we afford medical bills, how can we handle a child that could die before we do, can we handle another child especially special needs, would Titus be neglected.......but instead he says "God places children in peoples lives for a reason"...... EXCUSE ME! what did you just say to me!.....i couldn't even talk the rest of the way home because i started to freak out....(. that's the funny thing about Jon and i there is always one person who freaks out) (the realistic person)....i then started thinking.....Can we handle another child? how can we afford this? am i going to be a good mother to 2 children? how would we  pay for insurance (since JOn and i own our own businesses)....would i be able to keep my new business going?.... the freaking out list keeps going!!!!! so i called a friend and said help me stop freaking out.....She states remember God will provide.....and that we need to focus on where he is leading us and what is financially smart but also if i were to get pregnant i wouldn't say "im not ready to have a baby right now" then my answer to adoption is im ready when ever you are God cuz thats what i would say if i were pregnant!!
    Im doing my research and asking alot of questions to familys who have adopted before and with special needs.
     Prayers from you guys if God is really calling us in this direction in this time in our lives. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS PLEASE!  

Friday, November 11, 2011

what women fear

     Our bible study is reading a book called What Women Fear by Angie Smith. Its so interesting to know other women feel the same way about thing that i thought no one else thought or did!!! We are not alone!
      What do i fear......
 I fear Im going to fail my family as a wife and mom, fail cooking, fail all my clients and not have a successful salon, fail my friends, fail writing my blog, fail talking to old friends, FAIL FAIL FAIL.......with my temperament i hate doing things i know i can't do perfect........So where does that get me......NO WHERE! Im so blessed that i have a faith and trust in Jesus (i need to work on the Trust more) and if i wouldn't have had a faith i wouldn't have gotten over some of those being a high school youth minister for 5 years, went to mexico, Yugoslavia, and Lima Peru on mission trips, i wouldn't have met Jon, opened my own salon and the list can go on and on and on!
   So i guess when i hear the word fear in my head and heart and think i need to check myself and say is this fear that satin is hanging onto me with.......Because when there is fear that means God is calling you to something bigger and better and satin is trying to stop it! Because that's really the only way he can touch us, is fear! If that doesn't make you mad having satin hang onto your big toe with fear that i don't know how you can get rid of him....cuz when i get anger that is the only way i can get over my fear!
    Our fears start when we are younger! Every little embarrassing, hurtful thing that happened to us growing up. So to make a long story short even thou i still fear a lot i need to rethink and pray about whats stopping me from  going ahead and not being perfect!!
   So what are you fearing? what is God calling you to do?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

salon web page

check out my new web page for my salon Grace Family Salon

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Respect Life sunday

    Some interesting changes in my life since sunday.
1.) I decided that i needed to do something different with my exercise program....i came across this program called couch to 5K. So im day 2 into the program...its going good but today was a lot harder then the first day!

2.) at church on sunday (respect life sunday) i also had this little seed planted in my head and heart. Well i felt drawn to this idea of getting a 5k race going next year on respect life sunday and the proceeds go to The Gabriel Project. If you don't know how important it is to me....adoption is so important to me! I have always felt called to adoption for some reason, im not sure why God has placed this in my heart, if we are suppose to some day adopt or just help others who want to adopt, i have no clue.
 The Gabriel Project help women who are pregnant and they are assigned mentors and they help them with anything they need and help them find other options to keep the baby or adoption.
  Im still praying about the race and discussing with other people about if this is a possiable. I did have a friend share a lot of good info on how to get it started, where to do the race, and he has connections in this field!!  So that gave me a good push to keep praying and seeing others thoughts on it. It also really pushed me more because my amazing husband said i will help and shared how he knows quit a few people who would help financially.....and he is so good with talking to people and im the planner (i guess thats one reason why we are so good together).
   Why am i sharing this with you i would like to know your opinion.
if you have been apart of planning a race i would like to ask you questions.
if you think you would like to help plan, be apart of the race, financially, or volunteer can you let me know either by posting here,  facebook or email me. 
prayers needed though!  

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know most of you probably sick of hearing me talk about my amazing husband but its my blog :)

I have been reminded that i have an amazing husband lately! for all of you looking for a future spouse this is what really makes a difference in marriage and family to dating

*I love that the catholic church makes you wait at least 6 months before you get married, you do marriage pre and work with other married couples in the church and learn how to work through your problems after the honeymoon is over :)
*women want to be pursed ,i use to think i didn't but deep down we all do (let them pursue you)
*will they take care of you in sickness and in health, after having a baby i found out how crazy you become and going back to the hospital Jon showed me how much of a true man he was by taking care of our 3 week old baby and doing things for me that i could never ask his to do again (but he did it with out me asking)
*can make you feel better or smile on a bad day
*TRUST TRUST TRUST if you can't trust them while dating than their is a problem
* COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE even if that means raising your voice :) if you don't share your thoughts they don't know what your thinking (this is really hard...i feel like they should be able to read my mind :))
* since we are sinful people it makes it hard when 2 become 1 in marriage but then when it turns into 3 you are shown everyday how selfish we are (I AM!!!) you sacrifice alot with your new family but you can't imagine your life any different thou!!!
*what you believe in your faith is important you need to work it out so you know how you will raise your future family together.....familys that pray together say together!!!
*the books that we have read that has made us a stronger couple
Dave Ramsey program
Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so important, is 30 that old

     There have been somethings in my life that has changed so much!!! somethings its hard to put down in words. If you would have asked me ten years earlier what my life would be like, this isn't it.......just like when i found a list that i made of quality's of my future spouse they are all quality's jon has but at the time when i wrote them i ment them completely differently (sorry if thats hard to understand im just writing whats on my mind).  God has placed so many different people in my life that has changed so much of how i look at life!
   I was the person that never would eat anything organic (because i tried a couple things and they were gross) and look at me now My amazing Chiropractors have shared a whole new life with Jon and I!!! Which is so funny because i also hate to read and i have read so much stuff about Titus's future!!! I gave birth naturally, cloth diaper, co sleep, i just wish breastfeeding worked better for us ( and i wasn't in the hospital for 2 weeks but thats were my life was to go) .......lets just say Jon and i joke that we are Christian Hippies now :) Im not any where close to what some people are but i defiantly look at life a whole lot differently. Thank you friends for supporting all our different path of life that most people look at as weird, different, and not smart......everything Jon and i discuss and decided as a family what we are changing and of coarse Prayed about alot!!!!
     JOn and i had a date night tonight and i see now why all my friends say take time for your spouse like date was so nice to have just you and husband time.....Jon talked to me about stuff that he hasn't felt comfortable talking about ever before, adopting children (in our future) it was so awesome to share story's about our future and past and how Jon and i have been through so much since we have been married, and it only made us not going to lie it really sucked at the time but we are so blessed to be where we are at right now!!!
      It was hard to say I'm 30 today because i thought by the time i was 30 i would have been married for awhile and have quiet a few kids......but then i was reminded that when John Paul II was 38 he was the youngest bishop in was like his life was just from today on out im going to try and look at life as just starting! and celebrating family because our world is so messed up i need to find all the positive that i can!! So please help me in praying for my future thoughts......celebrating life, love, and happiness (i know that sounds so cheesy but thats how i feel). prayers always needed!

7 months

Holy cow time has gone by so fast!!!!! my big baby is now a big boy! Someone asked me the other day when does he turn a year.....well he has 5 more months so awhile :) he is 20.14Lb he is wearing 12-18 months clothes!!!!! 
*he has defiantly found his voice he bables all the time 
*he knows his name (for a while, i wasn't sure if he knew, but like his father its selective hearing :)) 
*he does a weird army crawl, he goes on his side and scooches and rolls everywhere
*he knows who friends and family are
*loves our dog Sedona...if he ever is in a bad mood or crying we call sedona over and immediatly stops and laughs and wants to grab her
*he finally got his first tooth
*first foods were avocado
*he now reaches for who he at church when he is sick of me or jon he will reach for the other one
*he can pull himself up with out help and stand there for along time 
first Iowa State Fair

first avocodo

not so sure about it :)

yup im wearing a tie like my daddy
im such a big boy
i love my mommy

father like son