Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so important, is 30 that old

     There have been somethings in my life that has changed so much!!! somethings its hard to put down in words. If you would have asked me ten years earlier what my life would be like, this isn't it.......just like when i found a list that i made of quality's of my future spouse they are all quality's jon has but at the time when i wrote them i ment them completely differently (sorry if thats hard to understand im just writing whats on my mind).  God has placed so many different people in my life that has changed so much of how i look at life!
   I was the person that never would eat anything organic (because i tried a couple things and they were gross) and look at me now My amazing Chiropractors have shared a whole new life with Jon and I!!! Which is so funny because i also hate to read and i have read so much stuff about Titus's future!!! I gave birth naturally, cloth diaper, co sleep, i just wish breastfeeding worked better for us ( and i wasn't in the hospital for 2 weeks but thats were my life was to go) .......lets just say Jon and i joke that we are Christian Hippies now :) Im not any where close to what some people are but i defiantly look at life a whole lot differently. Thank you friends for supporting all our different path of life that most people look at as weird, different, and not smart......everything Jon and i discuss and decided as a family what we are changing and of coarse Prayed about alot!!!!
     JOn and i had a date night tonight and i see now why all my friends say take time for your spouse like date night.........it was so nice to have just you and husband time.....Jon talked to me about stuff that he hasn't felt comfortable talking about ever before, adopting children (in our future) it was so awesome to share story's about our future and past and how Jon and i have been through so much since we have been married, and it only made us stronger......im not going to lie it really sucked at the time but we are so blessed to be where we are at right now!!!
      It was hard to say I'm 30 today because i thought by the time i was 30 i would have been married for awhile and have quiet a few kids......but then i was reminded that when John Paul II was 38 he was the youngest bishop in Poland...........it was like his life was just starting......so from today on out im going to try and look at life as just starting! and celebrating family because our world is so messed up i need to find all the positive that i can!! So please help me in praying for my future thoughts......celebrating life, love, and happiness (i know that sounds so cheesy but thats how i feel). prayers always needed!

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  1. Prayers for you on your 30th; and I love this way of looking at thing!