Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Respect Life sunday

    Some interesting changes in my life since sunday.
1.) I decided that i needed to do something different with my exercise program....i came across this program called couch to 5K. So im day 2 into the program...its going good but today was a lot harder then the first day!

2.) at church on sunday (respect life sunday) i also had this little seed planted in my head and heart. Well i felt drawn to this idea of getting a 5k race going next year on respect life sunday and the proceeds go to The Gabriel Project. If you don't know how important it is to me....adoption is so important to me! I have always felt called to adoption for some reason, im not sure why God has placed this in my heart, if we are suppose to some day adopt or just help others who want to adopt, i have no clue.
 The Gabriel Project help women who are pregnant and they are assigned mentors and they help them with anything they need and help them find other options to keep the baby or adoption.
  Im still praying about the race and discussing with other people about if this is a possiable. I did have a friend share a lot of good info on how to get it started, where to do the race, and he has connections in this field!!  So that gave me a good push to keep praying and seeing others thoughts on it. It also really pushed me more because my amazing husband said i will help and shared how he knows quit a few people who would help financially.....and he is so good with talking to people and im the planner (i guess thats one reason why we are so good together).
   Why am i sharing this with you i would like to know your opinion.
if you have been apart of planning a race i would like to ask you questions.
if you think you would like to help plan, be apart of the race, financially, or volunteer can you let me know either by posting here,  facebook or email me. 
prayers needed though!  

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