Friday, November 11, 2011

what women fear

     Our bible study is reading a book called What Women Fear by Angie Smith. Its so interesting to know other women feel the same way about thing that i thought no one else thought or did!!! We are not alone!
      What do i fear......
 I fear Im going to fail my family as a wife and mom, fail cooking, fail all my clients and not have a successful salon, fail my friends, fail writing my blog, fail talking to old friends, FAIL FAIL FAIL.......with my temperament i hate doing things i know i can't do perfect........So where does that get me......NO WHERE! Im so blessed that i have a faith and trust in Jesus (i need to work on the Trust more) and if i wouldn't have had a faith i wouldn't have gotten over some of those being a high school youth minister for 5 years, went to mexico, Yugoslavia, and Lima Peru on mission trips, i wouldn't have met Jon, opened my own salon and the list can go on and on and on!
   So i guess when i hear the word fear in my head and heart and think i need to check myself and say is this fear that satin is hanging onto me with.......Because when there is fear that means God is calling you to something bigger and better and satin is trying to stop it! Because that's really the only way he can touch us, is fear! If that doesn't make you mad having satin hang onto your big toe with fear that i don't know how you can get rid of him....cuz when i get anger that is the only way i can get over my fear!
    Our fears start when we are younger! Every little embarrassing, hurtful thing that happened to us growing up. So to make a long story short even thou i still fear a lot i need to rethink and pray about whats stopping me from  going ahead and not being perfect!!
   So what are you fearing? what is God calling you to do?

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