Monday, June 4, 2012

kitchen remodeling ? GUTTING!

kitchen remodel  gutting,  Jon started this big  HUGE project memorial day weekend.  I stated that i don't think i can go longer then 2 weeks without a kitchen...Jons response "we will see", Lets say i have made it with a lot of paper and plastic and washing bottles and dishes in the bathroom sink......i did have to break down and use the tub (which really grossed me out but i bleached it and scrubbed it very well). I have not had any melt downs yet :) and we have been grilling on Jons Big Green Egg (pizza on there is AMAZING), using a camping stove, microwave and our toaster oven for all our meals. we didn't have power in half our house for about a week (flash lights and candles are amazing )
Mikey and Jon moving everything in the kitchen to the dinning room and living room (im glad that we have a pretty large living room!!) 

 good bye ugly everything!!!

yes this is a sewer stack going through out old kitchen and the previous owner sewed that material around it :)

good bye ugly green and ugly carpet

 good bye wall!

no more wall

no more floor!
they did all new plumbing and electrical. hopefully this next week they will be replacing the window behind Jon in this picture with the exact window thats by our dads in the picture (we bought these windows at REALLY discount a couple of years ago). after that im not sure whats next maybe drywall :) 
we wont have the whole kitchen done for awhile cuz we decide that minimal and live able until stuff is on sale :) since we dont use credit cards we try and stay with in our miens :) 
So that means Jon is going to do concrete counter tops  (i have never herd of before but Jon really wanted it so i did my research and i actually LOVED what i found) and my dad has made 2 cupboards and the large cupboard that will be our island (i have been trading my dad haircuts for cupboards...its just only taken me 3 years to pay for most of them :)) and new lighting is all we will do right now.
we probably wont have all the cupboards for awhile cuz we arent sure where we want them all yet. We wont have tile down either......i would love to at least paint the walls and have curtains up to distract you away from the unfinished stuff  :) we will see :)  

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