Wednesday, May 30, 2012

freak out!

  disclaimer.......Im so excited to have 2 babys! Im so excited to find out what we are having (2 weeks)! Jon and i would love to have more children if its what God is wanting for us, since apparently my OB made it very clear that she was shocked that i got pregnant because i only have one ovary (i had one removed when a cyst the size of a grapefruit wrapped around it and killed it) and all the scars from my surgery's after Titus was in all im very blessed!
  freak out = am i ready to have a girl, Titus has made it very clear that he loves to wrestle! How does a 16month old know how to wrestle?!?!?!? but if i have a boy am I ready for that much destruction? or girl drama? I already have all boy stuff....i know that if we have a girl we have a few months to hit consignment and garage sales :)

but titus amazes me all the time though......this is our friend Isaac and Titus wanted to hold him so he climbed right on the couch and just looked at me like ok im ready.....i thought he would just shove him off his lap after i put him there....but nope he just kept hugging him....SO CUTE then after a little bit he then shoved him off, but he held him WAY longer then i thought he would :)
   a name.....when i was pregnant with Titus i new before i had him i wanted his name to be Titus! right now we only have a girl name.....cuz Jon keeps knocking my boy names down.
   Titus has no clue that im pregnant cuz every time i say don't step on the baby or squish the baby....he looks around with his arms in the air like where is baby :)
   Titus is growing up so fast it seems like everyday he says a new word or a new sign......but he WILL NOT say any ones name except (dad, mom, papa,sedona, cats) he did say Audra and O (olivia) one time....but he just looks at you like i know thats grandma, Julia, mikey, danny,  jamie, matt, jenny why do i need to say thier names :) I keep trying to record him saying Loader (skid loader) because it is hilarious.....but i made the mistake of saying one day, thats Daddy's skid loader and thats Titus's skid now he just says daddys and Titus's :(
  The other day in a very serious face he was telling me something and just stared at me like your answer is?!! so cute he just kept babbling the same thing over and over again.....then he got annoyed that i didn't answer him the way he wanted (cuz i was laughing).
    Im so glad that we are learning signing because he tells us so much now....he does so many signs but now he is making his own so that makes it hard for grandparents to know exactly what he's saying sometimes since they dont see him everyday seeing him change some of them.


  1. Chrissy, I am SO excited for you! As someone who also wants more children but doesn't know if that will happen for me or not, I am so very happy for your blessing of another baby. :) God is so good, isn't He?! :D Whether it's a boy or girl, you will be the perfect mama for them, so don't worry! :) (Although, I think it would be fun to have one of each!) Lots of love to you guys- can't wait to hear the news!

  2. Clearly God's got an awesome plan for you to be pregnant, so He's got an awesome plan for whether this is a boy or girl! It'll be fantastic either way, and you'll be an awesome mom to a son or daughter and they'll also have a great dad and older brother. It'll be a win no matter what!