Monday, August 13, 2012

Stressed......Not Me!

   It will be 11 weeks before we have this baby boy......and that means we have less then that to get the kitchen finished, Titus's big boy room done, finish making meals to freeze, sort through all of Titus's old clothes.......that can all get done before the baby comes...RIGHT?!?!?! and all of this happens while living our normal life and running our own businesses! Are we crazy.....YES YES we are!
    Also to add to the stress I had to change my hours i work at the salon because we can't find a nanny at all! We tried everything! i paid money for a nanny service, i posted the job on there and emailed 20 people on there, i posted on ISU student job board and emailed everyone I would think i would at least get one person! NOPE! So after talking to a friend and Jon, God made it very clear that im suppose to change my hours to work with our original nanny that has been Titus's nanny since he was 6 weeks old. So I pray that i don't loose clients because of this change! It will be a nice change for our family though. Its funny that this whole time i've been thinking God wanted me to TRUST in a different way, He wanted me to TRUST him with my finances & whats best for our family.  Its funny when you pray about something with your mouth and not wait for a response or listen you can come up with a lot of different what you THINK he is telling you! Thats why im so glad i have an amazing husband friends, and church who remind me to LISTEN! 
         So prayers for my sanity would be awesome! :)  

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