Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potty learning

I guess we are now potty learning.....we arent really training him....he just say potty and we go sit on the toilet and sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesnt.
   My amazing husband actually started this whole potty learning, Ti said potty and jon took him (i just thought he wanted to play w/ the toilet, toilet paper, or just flush the toilet....i was going to be a good mom and ignore him) and after sitting a little bit he went pee! So he asks to go maybe 1a day & we arent pushing more. Then last night he asked to go so jon took him & he kept saying poopy poopy and then he went poop & pee!!!! Seriously i couldnt be prouder! I pray this continues so we have this out of the way before baby comes......I can wish cant I ;) in my dreams ;)

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