Monday, January 21, 2013

kitchen remodel, dinning room, & bathroom

just a reminder of what our ugly kitchen looked like 

ugly carpet 

there was a wall shared by the kitchen and dinning room
ugly green lights/ ugly curtains

green cupboards to match the lights
wall diapering

wall gone

wall gone and you can see they completely started over 

 our kitchen, bathroom and dinning room aren't finished yet
kitchen still needs all the upper cupboards, the dinning room ceiling need's to be redone and the shower tile needs to be done someday they will be finished but for now everything is live able :) 

yes these are all very tall cupboards perfect for the 2 tall owners :) and their huge children :) this is our dishwasher up high too...I LOVE IT we don't have to bend over to fill it and Titus can't stand on it any more :)
we were going to do cement counter tops but we priced it and it was  a little out of our  price range so jon made these counter tops instead and i think they are Beautiful this is where the wall use to be
this is looking from the dinning room into the kitchen, the bar height counters makes it nice for guests to sit up to counter with bar stools now! 

new sink counter top  (since the other one broke with all the moves) new floor
this is the new AMAZING table that Jon, my dad, & Mikey made for us. Jon & I made a deal that he wouldn't make a new table until i sold our other one :) witch ment they had a week to make the table and bentchs!!! they are so awesome!
side view of the intricate detail work they did !!!!

this is our new cupboards these we put in when my contractions were starting

the new flooring which was finished a couple of hours before we left for the hospital to have Ezekiel
new cupboards in bathroom since there were 0 cupboards before....the green wall in the shower will some day be tile (not green)

Also the kitchen, bathroom and dinning room are now all grey walls :) thats what happens when you buy to much paint......the sad part is we have a lot more paint left :)

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  1. Looks awesome! I wish I could come see it for real! (I mean, I wish I could come see it now. Obviously, I'll come see it sometime.)