Thursday, December 1, 2011

some changes

    So some interesting new changes to redirect my family and God time.
Its interesting how my faith walk since i've been single has changed dramatically! Im embarrassed to admit but its True and im all about sharing the truth even if it makes me seem stupid or lame (i don't think people say lame any more but it what came to my head :))  When i was single i went to daily mass, i would pray through out my day, i would pray the rosary or divine mercy, i would go to adoration at least 2 times a week if not more,I was a religious ed teacher and i high school youth minister and i never watched t.v. i only watch D.V.D's (i kinda had a problem most women buy shoes and purses i bought D.V.D's) and friends took up all my time...........all that went down the crapper......what happened....i fell in love, had a baby, started my own business, and trying to be the best wife and mother as is GOD? well i kinda have been just getting by i go to church where i use to focus and pray the whole im trying to keep Titus from attacking who ever is around us and from screaming! I do bible study where i share in my problems and discuss but almost everyone in bible study is going thru their own problems to say "Hey did you pray today or show your son how to praise God in some way"
    I had an oooooo moment my friend R.A.P shared a secret i was complaining that i had to much to do and i don't like to do it when Titus is awake but his naps are so short....she told me "I find that if i sit and read my bible for the first 15 min I have a little more clarity on what needs to get done and peace about what doesn't get finished" so i found an app on my phone that has the bible and also the daily readings so i can feed Titus his bottle and read it and by the time im done he usually is to much of a multi tasker but i would be looking on facebook if i wasn't doing that :) I have found im a little more focused and that i can handle what is to come the rest of the day!
    another change Jon and i did some reading on children not watching t.v till they are older (2years) but im not going to go into this because some people disagree but the whole point why we don't want it is, more us not watching as much t.v. and having the Christian radio station on. If you think about it if your watching t.v. your not helping your child grow and communicate (i use to say im playing with him but really i kinda was) so we moved all of Titus's toys away from the t.v so that Jon and i are reminded that we need to focus more on Titus!
    Food has been slowly changing Jon and i are wanting to take out all processed food in our diets it has been a slow trek but we are doing it!!!! We have had a lot of people make comments about Titus's eating because we choose different route then most people......but if Jon and i want to take out all processed food then why would we give titus processed food? I know its going to be hard but this is what we as parents choose and hope everyone else that shares in babysitting will respect that!
     Can i say im a cook.....NOPE!....but im trying!!!! I make a recipe that had 21 ingrediense and way to many steps lets say i had many phone calls to Jon and almost yelling! but i did it and it actually tastes good! so tonight im making another recipe for bible study....we will see?!?!?!?!? it was alot easier to make tho!


  1. Congrats! You're awesome, by the way. :) Reading this post, it was like you were taking a page from my head these days! We're in a very similar situation in our family- feeling that too much time is wasted online/watching "t.v." (episodes via the computer), trying to improve our diets... again..., and feeling in incredible NEED to be closer to God. My relationship with Him has taken quite a hit since becoming a mom as well. I'm ashamed of it, but glad to know I'm not alone. :) xoxo

  2. I was glad to find this post, Christina. I'm not a wife or mother, but I've been struggling to give the Lord what He deserves out of my time and energy and I what I need. I'm going to commit to praying in the morning, before I even get out of bed, during this season of Advent. At least that's a start. I like the idea of reading the Bible before getting worried about being productive and what needs to be done. RAP is so smart! ;) Also, I'm totally with you on wanting to cut out processed foods and also limiting TV! I want to get back to how I was living before and go even further! I'm glad to know you!