Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life on the move

    My last blog was a little out of know how you just have those days where, if anyone says the wrong thing you have a melt down.....well mine was an EXPLOSION! Its crazy how your life is so much better when Titus sleeps thru the night (except now that hes teething again) and Jon helps out more with dishes and laundry.....its so funny how life is all good again!

   Titus is 14 months old and he is on the move!!! He is so crazy he will find anything to climb and any thing to push your buttons but he always does it in a cute way....sometimes i have to try really hard not to laugh when he does something wrong....i mean how funny is it that he hits grandma on the head with a large plastic hammer......yes i'm laughing as i'm typing this....or when he does something that hes never done before but its so wrong! Like climbing the book shelf....most moms would say "NO, Get down" but no i standing next to him taking pictures......but honestly i have found that if i tell him NO and move him away from the situation...he will go right back to it but if i let him do it once hes done doing it that day....technically he has only climbed the book shelf 2 times :) and that was a couple of weeks ago. 
I am loving every new moment and new silly thing he does!! He defiantly is a boy.....These are words i never thought i would say EVER: Titus we dont eat bugs, Titus stop eating dirt, Titus we dont play with dog poop (yes my son was playing with dog poop...there was nothing on his face or mouth so hopefully none made it in there!!!), Titus stop eating the dog, Titus the cats dont like to wrestle like Sedona does!....and the list goes on
He is such a good boy tho....we bought him a baby doll and he LOVES him....he hugs him all the time....i think its his lovey :) Jons not so sure about a baby doll being his lovey :) 
He is so smart, everyday he says a new word or new baby sign, its SO cute....but of coarse he wont ever repeat anything on demand! He doesn't like to show off :) or hes just stubborn like his mother!

 climbing everything eating dirt first soccer ball

helping dad in yard

best friend Silas (yes they are 4 weeks apart...i know Titus is huge!)hugging Mary (he loves giving hugs)
 climbing everything again
baby doll in the box still (giving him a kiss)
 climbing everything agin (yes he has climbed to the top and stood on the wire shelf!)

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  1. Awww! :) Just remind Jon, boys need to learn to be nurturing too- it's what makes them such good daddies in the future! ;)